The Notcoin project has attracted many users. The game now has over 35 million people. And they all joined in a short period of time of just 3 months. Now mining has already stopped and users are waiting for listing. What should those who didn’t have time to mine the coin start doing? And those who have mined millions of coins – is it worth selling them? We will deal with these questions in this article.

The price

Discussions on this issue have not stopped since the very launch of the project. And when the developers launched PreMarket trading on March 8, there were so many offers that the exchange rate dropped from 10 to less than 4 TON. And this is where the main trick lies. There is always a price collapse on the height of any cryptocurrency’s exchange rate. And to make it less serious, the developers launched trading in vouchers. The number of issued coins also influences the exchange rate. But it is known that the vouchers that are at the top of the page are automatically purchased not by people, but by bots. There is a possibility that in this way, the developers are burning some of the coins. Ultimately, all this will affect the exchange rate.

The reputation of the founder plays a big role in shaping the success of the project. Trust in the blockchain increases if such a famous person as Pavel Durov is involved. The investors who have already participated in its other developments can also get involved in Notcoin. In addition, in the case when 2 ideas are associated with 1 person, a synthesis of these ideas occurs. That is, integration occurs within one system.

Market factors also matter. If the price changes on TON, this may indirectly affect Notcoin. But if there is direct technical or market integration, then the influence of one cryptocurrency on another will be more significant.

Any innovation, development, technology in one project will affect another. This is because TON and NOT belong to the same ecosystem.

How to buy

There is an internal service in Telegram – GetGems. If you are learning about blockchain, buying Notcoin will not be difficult. However, the method is not convenient for everyone and the service is flooded with bots. The exchange is another matter, as it allows users to conduct all their operations quickly and easily. Download the application, top up your balance in TON, and make an exchange for wNot. After listing, users can exchange the tokens to Notcoin. By the way, is a cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest fees. And compared to GetGems, all the trading processes on it are much simpler. See for yourself if you want to buy some tokens.

Buying a Notcoin voucher

This method is suitable if you need to buy cryptocurrency without ID, or if you want to get a voucher before listing. The whole process is carried out directly in Telegram:

  • Create your personal Wallet in TG.
  • Go to the TON Space tab.
  • Buy TON in any convenient way.
  • Go to the marketplace.
  • Select a voucher.
  • Pay and check out.

There were cases when the vouchers were not transferred to users, but the tokens end up in their wallet, except 0.01 TON. The factor of influence are the bots, as they simply bought the voucher before you. Therefore, do not choose the first offers. And keep in mind that a commission is charged for each attempt.

The question of whether you can buy Notcoin under 18 is not related to the GetGems platform. But the process itself is a little complicated and there is a risk of losing time and money due to the actions of bots.

Price forecast

It is impossible to say for sure what the exchange rate will be after the listing. But at the moment we can assume that NOT will go up. Since the bullish trend is now starting, cryptocurrencies will continue to grow.

On April 12, according to expert forecasts, the possible price of Notcoin was $0.000038. And on April 23, the forecast changed, as for 1 NOT the price was supposedly $0.000128. That’s quite a difference in just 10 days.

In terms of dynamics, the coin has excellent prospects for providing high liquidity. But you still need to remember the risks; sharp jumps in cryptocurrencies are not uncommon.

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