Everyone expected Notcoin to list on April 20th. And now, the developers have announced that this long-awaited event is being postponed. Some continued to languish in anticipation of the opportunity to withdraw their tokens, while others decided that now is the best time to buy Notcoin. But how can you get a hype coin when the first phase is over? On March 8, a PreMarket was launched directly in the bot. As a result, users rushed to convert their millions into vouchers and sell them for cryptocurrency TON. At that moment, the price of a voucher with a face value of 10 million Notcoin ranged from 3 to 7 TON. It is noteworthy that the exchange rate was set by the users themselves. That is why it had a drawdown in such a short period of time, but then recovered. You can buy some vouchers now, especially before listing.

How to buy Notcoin

When it comes to those who had to eke it out to get their free coins, the results have long been summed up, and the bonuses have been distributed to users. But thanks to the implemented system with the Notcoin Voucher, you can buy, sell or exchange Notcoin for fiat without waiting for the listing. And the price is set by the players themselves. At the same time, it is regularly mentioned in the project community that it is not known what price for NOT awaits us after listing, it may even be zero. So, make sure to consider all the risks of your decisions to purchase vouchers of the meme-coin.

Today, the best place to buy Notcoin is the STON.fi exchange. This was made possible thanks to the introduction of wrapped wNot token, which is provided by the vouchers. After listing, you can exchange wNot for NOT. In order to do so, you just need to download the application, exchange fiat for TON and buy wrapped tokens. Everything is much simpler than you might imagine.

There is also the GetGems platform on Telegram. To buy a voucher through it, you need to understand a little about the nuances of the crypto industry. There are unpleasant caveats to consider – there is a commission and a huge number of bots that buy vouchers ahead of you. Alas, there is no way around this. Therefore, it is better to immediately exchange a little more fiat for TON. And for this you need to create a wallet, definitely in Telegram itself. To do this, you need to find the Wallet through the search bar, make sure that the service is verified and has a blue checkmark. Then you need to find the TON section in your Wallet Space Beta. Keep in mind that the seed phrase must be saved.

Now that you have a wallet, it will be much easier to buy Notcoin instantly. You just need to get TON through the internal P2P market. This can be done after passing verification. And if you haven’t changed your mind yet, then switch to NotCoin PreMarket and choose the offers that suit you. Just don’t try to buy vouchers that are at the very top of the page – it won’t work, because they are automatically bought by the bots. But you will still be charged 0.01 TON in commissions for each attempt, so it’s better to scroll down the page.

Should I buy Notcoin now?

The best time to buy Notcoin was around March 18-22. Then the cost of the voucher started from 3.1 TON. But at the beginning of the launch of the PreMarket, 1 voucher could be bought for 10 TON. What happened and why did the price drop? The fact is that the users themselves dropped the service. They began to exchange what they had accumulated for vouchers en masse and then sell them. Moreover, most of the crypto-entrepreneurs are teenagers. It was they who brought down the exchange rate in an attempt to sell quickly. Even the service itself began to lag, unable to cope with such an inflow of users.

And now, a month later, the vouchers cost from 11 TON. Although the exchange rate is very unstable and changes all the time. But how the value of Notcoin will change after listing is difficult to even make assumptions about. If we rely on the fact that the developers have invested a lot of money and time in the project, then this whole story with Notcoin is unlikely to end in anything less than success. The only question is how much and over what period of time ordinary users will be able to earn.

Where will the listing be?

It has not yet been officially announced which cryptocurrency exchanges the listing will be on. Some sites have pages with NOT, but they are empty. If you are still wondering when is the best time to buy Notcoin – before listing or after – it is better to buy tokens now, while on STON fi exchange offers such a possibility.

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