Notcoin was launched in early January of this year. The project gained enormous popularity. Users actively mined coins, invited people using referral links, and completed tasks. To start mining Notcoin, no investment was required, you just had to click on the coin on the screen. On April 1, users saw a split in the coin, as the mining period was over. Each player can now view personal statistics directly in the bot, including the game balance along with bonuses is also displayed there.

The listing scheduled for April 20 was postponed. According to the developers, this is necessary in order to enable crypto exchanges to prepare for the influx of users. After all, the Notcoin project has more than 35 million participants. No meme coin can boast such an audience. On April 23, it became known that the listing was postponed to the end of this month.

Is it possible to buy Notcoin?

The time to buy Notcoin has not yet passed. True, though, it will no longer be possible to do this at an attractive price of 3-5 TON. At present, users can only buy vouchers, and not Notcoin itself. The price of the voucher is 10 million Notcoins. Therefore, if you are wondering whether you can buy half a Notcoin, then you should know that this will not work. This is not Bitcoin, which costs tens of thousands of dollars.

The vouchers became available to users on March 8. The bot now has a Trade button. Players were able to exchange their accumulated coins for vouchers, but only in the amount of 10 million Notcoin. Now it will no longer be possible to exchange Notcoins, since all players’ coins are locked on their balances in anticipation of listing. If you have previously managed to convert your accumulated funds into vouchers, you can sell the voucher on the GetGems PreMarket for TON. Or if you didn’t have time to play and purchase coins earlier, now is the time to get a voucher. True, for this you need to perform a number of actions. Let’s look at it further in step-by-step instructions.

How to buy the TON cryptocurrency

To do this, you do not need to go through complex verification processes on crypto exchanges. Since you can only buy vouchers on the internal service in Telegram. But you will need the TON cryptocurrency. In general, the blockchain of this network is distinguished by its democracy and only a 0.06 TON commission is required for the purchase of 1 voucher. But we recommend keeping at least 2-3 TON on your balance, as you will need them in the future.

So, the very first stage is creating an internal wallet. Players remember that the bot had the Create Ton Space Wallet feature. That’s exactly what we’re talking about. Everything is simple here – through the search, find the Wallet, make sure it has a blue checkmark – this is what we need. In the wallet itself, we need the TON Space Beta. Then follow the instructions of the wallet. Remember that the seed phrase must be saved.

Now you need to buy TON:

  • Find the P2P market in your wallet.
  • To trade, you need to pass the simplest Plus level verification.
  • Through the My Ads section, select payment settings, and then decide which payment method you want to use – you can use the internal SBP system for payment or bank cards, etc.
  • Go to the TON tab and select from the proposed options.

Next, we need the marketplace, go to it and select a voucher. If everything is done correctly, the voucher will be yours. True, you will have to pay a commission of 1 TON. But there is a nuance here, as users periodically complain that they did everything right according to the instructions, but did not receive the voucher, while the TON was returned to their balance. As a result, a commission of 0.01 TON was also retained. We don’t really like this method that involves bots, fees for unsuccessful attempts, and periodic service lags. Therefore, we recommend using the services of the exchange. The step-by-step instructions look much simpler there:

  • Go to the app.
  • Go to the Swap section.
  • In the You Send field select TON.
  • In the You Receive section select wNot. The wNot asset is a wrapped token that is backed by Notcoin vouchers.
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to purchase. The exchange rate will be calculated automatically.
  • Click on Swap and then check all the conditions. Then confirm the operation.
  • Wait for the listing and exchange wNot to NOT.

As you can see, everything is much simpler. At the same time, the exchange charges a low commission.

Is it necessary to buy Notcoin at all?

Nobody knows what the exchange rate will be after listing, including the developers. There is an assumption that the cost will start from nil. This is due to the fact that the creators of the project constantly say that the fate of Notcoin is decided by the community. Basically put, the users will decide the exchange rate at the start of listing. But again, what will happen to the balances of the huge number of minor users? They will not be able to pass verification on crypto exchanges.

While there is an opportunity to buy Notcoin, it’s worth doing so. The project has strong support in the form of a large audience, a serious development team and an interesting idea. So, it definitely won’t end just like that with a flop.

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