Notcoin is a clicker game that has more than 35 million users. What’s the secret? People tap on the screen and thus seem to mine coins. The game is new, launched in early 2024. But the growth in popularity was very rapid. This is because the game is the brainchild of Pavel Durov and from the very beginning users expected a listing in the future.

Notcoin is based on the TON ecosystem, the coin was developed by the Open team Builders with the support of the TON Foundation. Mining lasted until April 1, and then users saw their in-game statistics, balance, and also received bonuses. If you didn’t have time to log into the bot, you can buy tokens with a face value of 10 million coins. Moreover, this can be done quickly and easily using the exchange. It’s a little more difficult to get vouchers in Telegram at GetGems. This platform is the cheapest place to buy Notcoin.

Notcoin’s Mission

According to the developers, Notcoin is a project whose purpose is to introduce ordinary people to the world of cryptocurrencies and Web3 and make the financial system better. The main principles underpinning it are:

  • Conducting secure and transparent transactions using the blockchain.
  • Ease of mining in Telegram.
  • A huge community that actively promotes the project.
  • Ease and accessibility for absolutely everyone.

Notcoin attracted many people from different countries, because the bot was very easy to use. There was no need to deposit money or undergo verification. All you had to do was open Telegram and log into the bot.

What is the exchange rate of Notcoin?

At the moment, no one knows what the price after listing will be. But, based on the statements of the developers, we can assume that the price will start from zero. After all, everything depends on the users. In fact, the exchange rate can change greatly during the process, it all depends on the following factors:

Supply and demand in the market. This is the base. If demand exceeds supply, then the price rises. If supply is greater than demand, then the price falls.
Various feature innovations, scalability improvements are always a magnet for new investors.
Community involvement – this has a positive effect on the visibility of the crypto asset.

Do not forget about general economic trends. All this together has an impact on the movement of the rate of any cryptocurrency.

Why buy Notcoin

If the time for mining is up, then there are no obstacles to purchasing vouchers. This can only be done through the internal GetGems service on Telegram. Moreover, you can buy Notcoin anonymously. True, in addition to the price for the voucher at the rate, you will have to pay a commission of about 20 % in general for all transactions. And if the operation does not work the first time, then you will still be charged a commission. Therefore, the exchange is better for buying coins.

Notcoin is bought by those who believe in the successful future of the project. That faith can be based on enthusiasm or on analytics. If everything is clear with the first, then let’s try to clarify about the second. Notcoin refers to meme coins. Therefore, we will compare it with similar coins. Notcoin is criticized for its large emission of approximately 50 trillion. But Shiba Iny with 589 trillion exists and its capitalization is growing. And there are other coins with huge releases.

Let’s try to calculate the capitalization based on the value of the voucher. 1 voucher with a face value of 10 million coins costs $67.12. Based on this, we can calculate the cost of 1 NOT at $0.00000671. Now we multiply by the amount of 50 trillion, then it turns out that the capitalization is $335,500,000. While Shiba Iny only has $16 million. But that’s not all. Just a month ago, a voucher could be purchased for $20, which would put the capitalization at less than $100 million. That is, in a month the growth is more than 3 times. It is worth noting that all calculations are speculative, since there has not been a listing yet and in the end no one knows what price awaits us for 1 NOT. But you must admit, the project is quite interesting and has every chance of success thanks to its large audience. And people today are the main factor acting in favor of the successful development of any project.

Where will the listing be?

It is unknown which is the best cryptocurrency exchange that will list Notcoin. But there is a very interesting offer on the exchange, where users can buy wrapped wNot tokens. Unlike the GetGems Telegram service, the exchange has its own application. It’s easier this way, because you don’t need to perform a lot of different operations. And there is no need to try to stay ahead of the bots that are hunting for vouchers. As a result, you save a lot of time and even money, because you will not be charged an extra commission for a failed attempt.

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