The debate about Notcoin continues in the crypto community. According to many analysts, this project has every chance of becoming the most decentralized and widespread asset of its kind. What might influence it? How will Notcoin become more popular than Bitcoin? And how you can make money from it – read on to find out.


Let’s start with the fact that the main criterion for popularity was the simplicity of the game. There was no need to go through a tedious verification procedure. All you had to do was go to Telegram, find the bot and tap on the coin. How much easier can it be? Therefore, the number of users exceeded 35 million.

The developers hint to us that they can create a full-fledged ecosystem in order to popularize its predecessor – TON. The founders have already planned everything 4 years in advance. At the moment, active preparations for listing are underway.

Notcoin has now appeared on the exchange. It is on this crypto exchange that Russians can buy Notcoin after listing. Now you can exchange TON for wNot. The wNot asset is a wrapped token and is backed by vouchers. After listing, wNot can be exchanged for Notcoin.

Let’s face it, those who believe in the project were in no hurry to convert coins into vouchers. Or they sold only a small part, and that was simply because they were interested in how it all worked. Although everyone understands perfectly well that the rate will probably drop at first. But who is in a hurry when working with cryptocurrencies? If you manage to make money on Notcoin, then it will happen no earlier than the end of 2024.

Why can’t it be converted to NFT vouchers?

On March 8, the developers gave users the opportunity to transfer 10 million tokens into NFTs. Fewer coins could not be converted. As of April 1, the ability to acquire NFTs by transferring Notcoin from your game balance is no longer available. This is due to the end of the first phase. But don’t be upset, because in a matter of days there will be a listing and users will be able to withdraw any number of coins.

If you want to acquire coins before listing, but do not know how to buy Notcoin anonymously, then you can use GetGems. But you won’t be able to purchase coins, these will be NFT vouchers. Their price starts from 11.2 TON. But you will need to create a wallet directly in Telegram and buy some TON for fiat. Moreover, it is better to purchase an additional couple of coins, as they will be needed to pay various commissions. Thus, if you buy a voucher for 11.2 TON, then the balance in your wallet should be 13.2 TON. It is because of high commissions that users are looking for an alternative, such as the exchange, which makes it much easier, faster and cheaper to acquire tokens. At the same time, you won’t have to compete with bots for vouchers.

Analysis of the team

The most interesting move in the entire project is the distribution of tokens before listing using vouchers. And in order to sell or buy a voucher, users must pay commissions. They will be used to support liquidity in the market after Notcoin appears on exchanges.

The volume of voucher transactions was so large that it exceeded the volume of sales of anonymous names and numbers in Telegram. And vouchers at low prices were redeemed instantly. This way the developers were able to attract new people and also provided a liquidity cushion.

The developers do not see their brainchild as a meme coin. They prefer to call it the Notcoin community token. Which is quite logical, because new tokens were generated in response to player activity. In general, the idea of a token community that takes part in the life of a digital asset is interesting in itself. This is why Notcoin has gained such popularity.

Media coverage

Speaking about Notcoin, it is worth immediately highlighting the fact that integration with a large messenger had a huge impact on the development of the project. This is what gave the project an excellent and quick start. People quickly became involved in the easy game and invited friends. Due to its simplicity and the absence of the need to deposit any money, the number of users grew every day. And if at first there were a lot of skeptics, then after the appearance of vouchers, people are actively interested in how much it costs to buy Notcoin. But don’t rush off recklessly to buy vouchers in large quantities. Still, cryptocurrencies involve certain risks, which you bear responsibility for.

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