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  • The Tokenization of Real-World Assets
    The concept of tokenization has been around for quite a while, with the idea of translating real-world assets into their digital representations for subsequent sale in the cryptocurrency domain in the form of tokens. By creating such a virtual investment vehicle, companies can tokenize anything from commodities like gold and ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readMay 25
  • The Benefit of On-Chain Apps
    Many people believe that buying something as simple as a movie ticket or an airline ticket online, or on-chain using the decentralized network, is more of an unnecessary complication. The logic is that tickets and other similar products and services have been traditionally purchased off-chain since time immemorial and there ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readApr 22
  • DEXs As The Only Real Exchanges in Crypto
    The blockchain entails decentralization. However, paradoxically, the exchanges that have operated in the blockchain and crypto space since its inception were all centralized. If we look at the landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges and examine their development from the standpoint of their basis, detached from the legal and regulatory requirements, we ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readApr 5
  • NFT Uses Beyond Web3
    The NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, phenomenon made its splashing debut in 2020 on a global scale with the launch of dozens of art-oriented projects that offer proof of ownership and the tethering of real world assets to their digital counterparts. Since then, NFTs have evolved to tackle multiple challenges in ...
    #Ston Academy 6 min readMar 21

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