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  • Scary beasts FOMO and FUD
    Today we will talk about the fears that every newcomer faces when diving into the world of cryptocurrency. These fears even have names, with abbreviations. The first is called FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, and the second is FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. These fears live side by ...
    #Ston Academy 2 min readMar 2
  • How not to become a victim of scammers?
    Let’s talk about saving your crypto assets, shall we? All crypto operations are considered risky by default, and this sphere, like any other where big money is spinning, attracts scammers. At risk are novice crypto investors who may not fully understand how the market works. We have collected the main ...
    #Ston Academy 2 min readFeb 23
  • What is an airdrop?
    In the cryptocurrency market, airdrop is the free distribution of tokens by a blockchain platform. This is how platform owners attract new users and increase interest in trading. Like any other marketing move, an airdrop involves the user in the project. In order to receive tokens, you need to create ...
    #Ston Academy 1 min readFeb 22
  • How to not be dropped by a fake airdrop?
    Airdrop is not a charity, but a marketing game. You will not be given a fortune. A nice bonus is needed in order to attract you to the platform and stimulate your activity. And yes, in most cases this is a great option to get acquainted with a new project ...
    #Ston Academy 2 min readFeb 21

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