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  • Web3 and Trading – The Merger
    Web3 is the next stage of the Internet, as described by most tech enthusiasts and experts alike. The decentralized version of the web is predicted to be much faster, more intuitive, reliable, transparent and user-oriented than its Web2 counterpart that we are all using today. Most importantly, Web3 is supposed ...
    #Ston Academy β€’ 5 min read β€’ Nov 30
  • Blockchain Fees – The Impact on Crypto Prices
    The blockchain requires upkeep in terms of both the technology base used for processing transactions and for maintaining the economic incentive of users responsible for running the networks. This means that an economy has to be in place for ensuring the uninterrupted flow of funds. Considering the speculative nature of ...
    #Ston Academy β€’ 5 min read β€’ Nov 24
  • Yield Farming – The Basics and Prospects
    Yield farming ahs risen to prominence in recent years with the advent of decentralized finance services. The activity is designed to help users of such platform earn on their available digital assets, while providing the market at large with a source of liquidity. Yield Farming Explained The process of yield ...
    #Ston Academy β€’ 4 min read β€’ Nov 16
  • The Toncoin and Adoption Metrics
    The TON project was originally launched in 2018 under the Gram name and managed to raise in excess of $1.7 billion in investments. However, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) later interfered and labeled the Gram tokens as securities, forcing the project to reformat and take on a new form. ...
    #Ston Academy β€’ 5 min read β€’ Nov 7

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