Notcoin has not yet been listed on any exchange. And it is unknown when it will be. But users can already buy Notcoin. This became possible thanks to the vouchers that the developers came up with. 

What is Notcoin?

Telegram has a bot clicker option, which means that simply clicking on the icon of the coin will add Notcoin to the user’s balance. Users can get coins in different ways: by clicking on coins, pumping up their account using boosts, completing tasks for rewards, or inviting referrals to the game. According to the developers, players will receive an Airdrop at the end. But when will the listing happen? Nobody knows this. The game was launched on January 1, 2024, and since then the Notcoin community has been clamoring about the preliminary release date of the coin on the market.

Notcoin is based on the TON ecosystem. Many players in the game speculate that Not will be used in blockchain-based games on Telegram itself. Various games are already being actively promoted through a bot.

How to buy Notcoin

The closer we get to the time when the coin is listed, the more people want to buy Notcoin. Users can also get a free coin, but who likes to click all the time? So it is easier to just buy Notcoin. The developers came up with and implemented a system with vouchers. Notcoin Voucher allow users to buy or sell coins even before the official listing.

How much does a voucher cost and who regulates prices? This is done by the players who click on the bot, complete tasks, invite referrals, and issue vouchers. Accordingly, they set the price for their coins independently on Getgems. At the same time, it is regularly mentioned in the community that it is unknown what the price will be for 1 Notcoin after listing. It may even be equal to zero. Initially, the developers positioned the importance of the community for the future of the coin.

Now comes the fun part – Notcoin can be bought and sold for real money. But for this, users need to understand cryptocurrencies, blockchain, wallets, NFTs. So, let’s face it, for many users, this is a really daunting task. It is much easier to buy crypto through exchanges. But in this article, we will delve into the details of where to buy Notcoin, how to do it easily and quickly.

How to buy Notcoin without commissions

There is no way to buy Notcoin without commissions. In this case, users will need some TON coins. But we recommend holding at least a couple of TON.

  1. First, users need to create a crypto wallet. In this regard, the built-in service in Telegram itself is very convenient. It is called Ton Space. Through the search bar users need to find Wallet, it is important that the application has a blue daw. Then everything is even simpler – open their wallet and accept the terms of use, find “TON Space Beta.” Please note that users need to save their seed phrase, otherwise they will simply lose their coins along with access to the wallet.
  2. Now users need to buy TON. The wallet has a P2P market. To trade, users will need to pass verification. Then users need to add a means of payment, they can even select the fast monetary transit system of their country, or a bank card.
  3. Next, select the preferred TON offer.
  4. Go to the Notcoin Pre-Market marketplace and select the voucher.
  5. Users will not be able to buy Notcoin without a commission through the marketplace, as the fee will be 1 TON.

There is a frequently encountered problem when a user tries to buy a voucher, but it does not work. In this case, 0.01 TON is deducted for each attempt. Here is the thing – while users are trying to make a deal, bots are buying vouchers. This happens automatically. The only way to combat this problem is to choose vouchers that are lower in the glass, because bots attack the top offers.

Is it worth buying Notcoin?

Users could buy Notcoin on March 20 at a very attractive price of 3.1 TON for 1 million coins. It is noteworthy that at the time of the opening of trading in vouchers, the price was 10 TON per million coins. Considering that vouchers have a minimum denomination of 10 million coins, then 1 voucher would cost at least 100 TON. Why did the exchange rate fall so much? There is a simple explanation – at the time the market opened, it was terribly laggy, but this did not stop users from crashing the market with offers.

Bottom line

Is it worth buying Notcoins at all? Just compare Notcoin to other meme coins. Most often, criticism of the coin is related to the huge emission volume, which is more than 50 trillion. But look at Shiba Iny – 589 trillion. Pepe – 420 trillion. Therefore, Notcoin is still quite modest in this regard. But in terms of capitalization, the figures are impressive. If we calculate based on the sale price of 10 million Notcoins at $20, then 1 coin comes out to $0.000002. Now multiply by 50 trillion. It turns out that the capitalization is about $100 million. Just for comparison: Shiba Inu – $16 million. Pepe – $3.4 million.

There is one more weighty argument – the community. The success of a project depends on the number of people involved in it. Notcoin has a huge community following and this is its main asset. Therefore, while users can buy Notcoin cheaply, they should take advantage of this opportunity. Because the project has every chance of making up 10-100 Xs. Even though the developers themselves do not know what the future holds for the coin.

Buy Notcoin