Surely you have heard about the clicker game in the Notcoin bot, and you either have a balance with the treasured coins or want to acquire them. But you’re probably wondering when should I buy Notcoin? Although no one initially knew if or when there would be a listing, everyone was hoping for just that. On March 8, PreMarket trading was launched. To do this, it was necessary to convert the existing balance into vouchers.

Users were delighted and rushed to sell off their accumulated funds. They brought down the exchange course, and at the same time the marketplace’s throughput. Everything was terribly laggy, and as a result, even the Trade button disappeared. The developers were simply not ready for such an influx of users. Although it is not surprising that such problems were encountered, as anyone could play the game, even children. So, they brought down the service’s throughput. Moreover, at the very beginning, the vouchers cost 9-10 TON, but an overabundance of offers brought the exchange rate down to 3-4 TON. That’s when those who thought about buying the vouchers got lucky. The exchange rate then increased again.

Why are vouchers needed?

The developers themselves say that in this way they wanted to show that users can buy, sell and exchange Notcoin even before listing. But not everything is clear in this regard, as the users noticed that they could not buy vouchers that were at the top of the trading cup, since they did not have the time to do so. All because of the bots, which did it all automatically. There is a possibility that in this way the developers are reducing the number of Notcoins in circulation. This is quite logical in the run-up to the listing. Moreover, the game has many young users. And, as we know, the exchange rate is set by the players themselves. Young users, due to the desire to make quick money, can immediately devalue the coin. And, judging by the many conversations in the groups of players, many are afraid of this.

On which exchange to buy Notcoin

Some enthusiasts have started looking for the best Notcoin exchanges. At the moment, you can buy the coin through the service. The exchange implemented a very convenient system and introduced a wrapped wNot token. It is backed by vouchers with Notcoin. Users will need to download the application and follow the simple instructions from the website. It is worth noting that the commission on this exchange is very low. After listing, users will be able to exchange wNot for NOT.

The listing will have serious implications for platforms that will launch NOT on their own. Since the project has a large audience and not every user has accounts on crypto exchanges. At the moment, sites are preparing for an influx of newcomers. This is what caused the listing to be moved.

Will the coin be successful?

Notcoin will have a price after listing, though it is uncertain what that price will be, since the project has many critics. After all, in fact, the mining of coins was carried out literally from nothing, as users just had to click on the screen and the balance increased. And because of this, the number of issued coins reached 50 trillion. This is the main complaint from skeptics – a very high level of issuance. But if you look at Pepe with 420 trillion coins, Notcoin is not that pathetic. Shiba Inu with 589 trillion has its success. Therefore, criticism related to the number of coins issued has no basis.

Now let’s estimate the size of the audience. Notcoin is a hype game that attracted more than 35 million people. This is the largest number of users. Not a single meme coin can boast of this. And today this factor is of great importance for the growth of the cryptocurrency rate.

Therefore, if you are wondering whether it is good to buy Notcoin now, then the answer is likely to be positive. But it’s not worth selling Notcoins yet, it’s better to hold onto them. In crypto trading, haste is definitely out of place and you need to be able to wait. Moreover, there are only a few days left before the listing.

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