A hot topic on the agenda today is Notcoin trading. The first phase of farming will end very soon, which means that you will no longer be able to tap for free. But the community is waiting for the coin to be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. That is when active trading of Notcoin will begin. In the meantime, those who are impatient can sell coins using vouchers through the pre- market. To receive 1 voucher, you need to have at least 10 million Notcoin on your bot balance. The commission for 1 voucher is 0.06 TON. This amount should already be on your wallet balance.

Those who say trade Notcoin on Binance are making such statements prematurely. The coin is not listed on any crypto exchange. Users assume that the listing will take place in April. But so far the developers have not announced any dates.

Where to trade Notcoin

It is impossible to sell Notcoin itself. But on the Getgems platform, users can sell a voucher worth 10 million Notcoin. At the moment, only the platform verified in Telegram provides this opportunity. How to sell a voucher:

  • You need to open your wallet section – Wallet, note that it has a blue checkmark.
  • Since this service is custodial, you will need to switch to TON Space as a non-custodial wallet. To do this, you need to click on the 3 dots and go to settings, and then select Tone Space.
  • Now you will need to create an account, do not forget about the importance of the seed phrase. Write it down, and better yet, more than once.
  • Now right in the TG application you will have a tab with a wallet. You need to top up your balance in TON.
  • In the Notcoin bot, select “Trade”, then click on the “Notcoin” voucher.
  • Now you need to select the number of vouchers. If you have 15 million on your balance, then 1 voucher will be available to you. And 5 million will remain on the balance sheet. Then click on “Here” and “Mint”.
  • But that is not all, users need to pay a commission. To do this, they will need to connect the wallet that you opened earlier. TON Space will then allow users to see the created voucher.
  • After the procedure is complete, users can start selling their vouchers. They will need to click on the “Open” button and select “Pre-Market”, and then scroll to the very bottom of the page. If the price of 1 NOT is 8 TON, then for a quick sale you will need to indicate 80 TON for 1 voucher.
  • Connect your wallet and select “Put for sale” at “Fixed price”.
  • After your voucher is purchased, TON will be added to the user’s balance. Then they can exchange TON for USDT or even rubles.

But this process is quite tedious, so you can try another option. True, you will still have to be patient, because you will need to wait until listing.

Recently a crypto exchange STON.fi has made it possible to sell large quantities of Notcoin through the Pre-market. Here are the following trading mechanics:

  • Go to STON.fi.
  • Connect your TON-wallet.
  • Swap TON or any other token to wNOT.
  • Wait for official Notcoin listing.

The Hurdles

Already now you can see messages on the network with calls to trade Notcoin with a low commission. But in fact, in addition to the transaction fee, users need to pay royalties at 25%. Instead of 5 TON, the wallet will hold 3.75 TON.

Users often complain that they cannot buy vouchers. The fact is that they are actively being bought up by bots. Therefore, it is worth scrolling the page and choosing the offer at the end of the glass. The service may also lag, since it has only been running for less than a month.

We would still recommend paying attention to interviews with developers. Most likely, the listing multiplier will apply to the current balance.

In It for the Money

Is Notcoin worth the effort now? How much will it cost after listing? Will it be possible to sell coins profitably? These questions interest many users. Today, 10 million Notcoins can be sold for 8.2 TON. But the price is constantly in motion, today this figure may be the same, but tomorrow it will rise sharply. There is no stability in this matter.

But what does one need to do to trade Notcoin before listing? And is it necessary to get rid of the coins in anticipation of listing? Of course, the price for 1 million TON can be very low and even zero. But Bitcoin was once worth nothing. We need to remember this. Moreover, Notcoin has excellent prospects, which include capitalization, relatively few issued coins, and a huge community. Therefore, if it is important for users to trade Notcoin profitably, and wait and hold the coins in the long term.

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