Notcoin has become a real crypto gaming phenomenon. At the beginning of the launch of the bot in Telegram, it was an ordinary clicker game that introduced users to the world of Web3. The mission of the Notcoin project is to tell beginners about blockchain technologies, even if they are completely far from this topic. No one knew whether there would be a listing, people just clicked, mined tokens in the hope of being able to convert coins into real money in the future. And so, at the moment, everyone is waiting for the listing. It was planned that NOT would launch on April 20, but the developers delayed this process by 10 days. The reasons for the delays were not reported. On April 1, the mining phase ended. But it is possible to exchange Notcoin on the exchange.

A wrapped version of Notcoin is listed on this exchange for trading and liquidity supply. It’s even easier than trading vouchers on the internal Telegram platform. You just need to download the STON application. fi and in the Swap section select TON in the You Send field. Further in the section You Receive indicate wNot and select the number of tokens to sell or buy, the exchange rate will be calculated automatically. Be sure to leave some TON – they will be needed to pay commissions. Click Swap, make sure the exchange terms are correct, then click on Confirm Swap. Confirm the transaction. Now you have wNOT on your balance, which you can exchange for Notcoin after listing.

In the language of numbers

The project received phenomenal success due to the simplicity of the coin mining process. Over the entire period, 35,197,397 people mined NOT. Although coin mining has been stopped, the PreMarket buy Notcoin was available until April 4. The pre-sale of vouchers opened on crypto exchanges that support the PreMarket. 737 thousand vouchers were minted, the volume was $14 million. The cost ranged from $70 for 10 million coins, or 1 voucher.

But if you didn’t have time to mine coins, buy vouchers on the premarket, and you are interested in the question of how to buy Notcoin before listing, there is still an option for you to purchase Notcoin on GetGems and Shardify. This is a slightly complex process involving several steps. Now the GetGems PreMarket has many vouchers available at a price of 11.99 TON or 2,817 rubles. However, on other sites the price differs significantly. Why is there such a difference in prices? It’s simple: everyone played the TG-bot without any age restrictions. There is no verification on GetGems, so mostly teenagers are now the sellers of the vouchers. They cannot create an account on crypto exchanges, since they have mandatory verification. Therefore, GetGems is the cheapest way to buy Notcoin. But the downside of this option is that it is too confusing. And then the vouchers will have to be withdrawn somewhere. In this regard, is more convenient, as it makes it easy to convert the assets, and there is no need to understand the intricacies of crypto exchanges. And on this exchange, there are no bots that buy offers at the top of the order book in massive amounts. As a result, you can save time and money.

When is the listing?

Anyone wondering where to buy Notcoin is also thinking of when the listing will happen. Initially, the developers announced the date of April 20. But, apparently, the team did not have the time needed to fully prepare for this long-awaited process. Why can’t you list the token right away? In order to put a coin into circulation, it is necessary to adjust the schedule and coordinate the entire process with partners. It takes a little time to ensure a smooth transition of token holders, launching trading pairs, and reducing the time between player snapshots. In the meantime, the coins are locked on user accounts.

But this does not apply to vouchers. If you managed to convert coins, then buying or selling Notcoin today is not a problem. Another question is should I buy Notcoin right now? In this case, everything depends solely on your desire. No one can predict what the price of NOT will be after listing. But what if you are asking the opposite question, should you sell your coins? The answer will be rather no than yes. The fact is that the project has brought together a huge community, quite a lot of money and effort have been invested in its development. And the likelihood that the exchange rate of NOT will be less than it is now is extremely low.

Analysis of possible NOT exchange rate

When considering the dynamics of the cost of vouchers, it is necessary to pay attention to many factors:

  • Market trends. If there is a bullish trend, then this may affect the rate and the price will NOT be higher.
  • Are major investors interested in the project? The more investments, the higher the rate.
  • What technical updates, project development, are new functions being introduced. If the blockchain is constantly improving, then interest in it will grow, causing the value of the token to increase.
  • Influence of regulators.
  • Partnerships with other sites and platforms. The more interactions with other projects, the higher the trust and interest of users.

Though it is hard to tell what the exchange rate of Notcoin will be, the project has many partners. Notcoin actively interacts with users through social networks and cryptocurrency communities.

But hype and popularity are not all that a token needs. Utility plays an important role, as this is what the token can be used for. It all depends on the developers; the more interesting and useful the utility is, the more users the project can attract. But there are meme coins that do just fine without utilities.