Let us take a moment to discuss the Notcoin meme coin. It is likely that this token will take a leading position in terms of distribution in user wallets. In addition, the coin will be the most decentralized among similar projects. In addition to a huge audience, this meme token is tied to the TON ecosystem, which also has its own community. An interesting point of note is that the developers do not classify Notcoin as a meme tokens, but consider it a community asset.

In this article, we will look at the most popular questions related to the hype game Notcoin. Including: How much is Notcoin worth now? How to buy Notcoin without ID? Is it worth exchanging the coin for another cryptocurrency? When is the long-awaited listing?

Notcoin’s exchange rate

Since the coin is not listed at the moment, the exchange rate is based on the value of the vouchers from the internal GetGems platform in Telegram. On this site, the players themselves sell their vouchers, and they set prices accordingly. As of April 24, you can buy 10 million Notcoin for 11-12 TON, which translates into dollars as $65.6-65.6. Moreover, the rate is growing daily. But no one knows what will happen after the listing, and that is why some users are trying to get at least something from the game and are actively selling vouchers now.

Is it possible to buy NOT without an ID?

If we are talking about KYC or Google Authenticator, then you can buy Notcoin without an ID. Since the entire process takes place inside the GetGems platform with the Telegram Wallet, and Plus level authentication will be required. No passport or other identification is required. This is precisely what spurred the collapse of the exchange rate almost immediately after the launch of the premarket with vouchers, as young users began to actively dump offers.

Answering the question of how to buy cryptocurrency under 18, we can only recommend the internal platform in Telegram, because crypto exchanges do not allow access to minors. At the same time, GetGems is not very convenient. There are too many steps required to purchase a voucher. There is also a large commission, many bots, and frequent service lags.

Should I exchange Notcoin?

If you managed to convert your coins into a voucher, then you can think about the topic of exchange. But if Notcoin is on the game balance, it will no longer be possible to change them before listing. Because all user balances are frozen. For now, users can only sell a voucher for TON. Theoretically, TON can then be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency. Just keep in mind that there is a fee for each transaction. Before making multiple exchanges, calculate your fee costs. It would be better to wait for listing and only then exchange Notcoin for any digital asset, without unnecessary transactions. But you will have to be patient, because you cannot buy Notcoin on the blockchain or exchange it before listing.

In stark contrast, the STON.fi exchange offers a convenient and interesting option of buying and selling wrapped wNot tokens. The advantages of this method are:

  • the whole process takes place in the application;
  • replenishing your balance and purchasing tokens is quick and convenient;
  • the application does not lag;
  • low transaction fees;
  • no bots.

When the listing is expected

Since the launch of the game, users were guessing when the listing would happen. There have been many assumptions and theories about this. The idea of listing timed to coincide with the Chinese New Year has gained particular popularity. But everything turned out to be much simpler, as the listing was tied to the halving of Bitcoin – April 20. But the developers postponed it for about 10 days. Such measures are necessary to ensure that all crypto exchanges slightly improve their technical capabilities. After all, the project has more than 35 million players. And the TON ecosystem also has its own audience. And so that users do not crash the crypto exchange servers, the listing had to be postponed. But there is no doubt that it will take place. There will be a listing, and Notcoin has every opportunity to grow.

Therefore, if you are wondering, should I buy cryptocurrency now, then the answer is a clear yes. Moreover, this can be not only the digital asset TON. According to experts, the crypto market will go into a bullish trend in the next year and a half. This is logical, since 2017 and 2021 also saw an increase in cryptocurrency popularity – all within a year after the halving of Bitcoin.

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