Number of Notcoin clicker game users is growing. But you won’t be able to get any coins by clicking on the screen anymore. That stage ended on April 1. But many are still looking for options on how to buy and send Notcoin instantly without ID. So far, the best option is the exchange. There is also an internal service in Telegram called GetGems. But the service often lags, large fees are charged for transactions, and often users can’t buy a voucher at all because of the abundance of bots.

What to spend Notcoin on

While users are waiting for listing, it will not be possible to find what to buy with Notcoin. The only option is to sell the voucher. But if your coins are on your game balance, then it’s too late to convert them into a voucher. All that remains is to wait for the listing, at which point the withdrawal to crypto exchanges will probably be available. And only after this Notcoin can be exchanged for another crypto asset or fiat money.

But here the question arises – what will the exchange rate be? It is impossible to predict this, as the developers themselves do not know the price. The cost may be zero. Let us remember what the exchange rate was for the very first cryptocurrency in the world – BTC, back in 2009. Then 1 Bitcoin cost approximately $0.000764, and now BTC costs $66,642.20. Of course, this growth was influenced by the fact that Bitcoin is the first digital currency. But the Notcoin project also has its own distinctive and unique features.

Principles and functions of Notcoin

Notcoin is based on the TON ecosystem. The digital asset was developed by the Open Builders team with the support of the TON Foundation. How much money was spent on the development of the project is not being disclosed, but we know that Notcoin’s goal is to improve the financial system. Its main principles of operation are:

  • Notcoin is community driven. According to the developers, everything is decided by the community. This relates to the exchange rate and the importance of the audience.
  • Availability. Mining the coin was really easy and affordable. Users just had to go to Telegram, open the bot and click on the screen. To increase the balance, you could invite friends, complete quests, buy boosts (for Notcoin).
  • No investment needed. During the game, it was suggested to open a wallet and buy TON. But this was done solely at the request of the players. In addition, the purchased TON remained in the users’ wallets for subsequent payment of transactions and commissions for converting Notcoin and selling vouchers.

An interesting point is the TON cryptocurrency’s exchange rate. On January 26, 2024, the cost of 1 TON was 181.76 rubles. On February 15, the rate began to grow and already on April 12, 1 TON cost 677.13 rubles. At the moment, the TON exchange rate is 553.64 rubles. This growth was caused, among other things, by premarket trading of vouchers on GetGems. After all, in order to buy/sell/exchange Notcoins and pay for transactions, it was necessary to acquire cryptocurrency TON. Therefore, it is likely that all the hype around Notcoin is necessary for the growth of Toncoin. And, as we see from the graphs, this method works.

Hold, sell off, or buy

If you think that vouchers are undervalued, then you are probably interested in purchasing Notcoin. Now you will have to pay 11.2 TON for 10 million Notcoins, excluding commissions. There is an opinion that the safest place to buy TON cryptocurrency is the wallet inside Telegram itself. The Wallet must be verified via a blue checkmark and you can deposit fiat in different ways, including using a bank card and SPB. After purchasing TON, you need to go to the marketplace and select a voucher. While there is still time before listing, you can buy yourself some Notcoins. Many users find this method inconvenient. The reason is that there are a lot of steps to take. Moreover, you will still have to pay a commission for failed transactions. The exchange is another matter, though, as users will just have to download the application, top up their balance in TON, make an exchange for the wrapped wNot token, and after listing, exchange it to Notcoin.

Some were quick to sell their vouchers. There were offers on GetGems below 4 TON per piece. This is extremely unprofitable even in comparison with current prices. If you haven’t had time to convert Notcoin, then you still have no choice – users will have to wait for listing. But if you still have vouchers, it is better to hold on to them. The Notcoin project is developing dynamically and, interestingly, has a huge audience, and the developers have invested a lot of effort and money into it. So, there is no doubt about its successful future.

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