Only those who are not at all interested in the world of cryptocurrencies do not know and do not talk about NFT. Many people have made a fortune buying and selling non-fungible tokens, someone is collecting them in the hope of increasing their value (or just because), artists create their own collections, and periodically the most extraordinary things take the form of NFTs. Today we have collected for you some interesting facts that open up the world of NFT from an unexpected angle.

Jack Dorsey, the creator and owner of Twitter before Elon Musk joined, sold a screenshot of his first tweet (and therefore the very first tweet in history) for $2.9 million.

The artist with the pseudonym Beeple reacted in his own way to the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential election in 2020. He created a 10-second video where a huge naked Donald Trump, painted with inscriptions in the spirit of “loser” and “fucking clown”, lies face down on the ground, and people walk past him. NFT was sold for $6.6 million. By the way, the artist himself said before the elections he made 2 versions of the video: in case of victory and defeat of the politician.

Raising the level of inadequacy! A digital artist under the pseudonym Murat Pak sold a gray pixel as an NFT. Yes, yes, one pixel, 1×1 in size, gray. Price? $1.4 million. People who were dissatisfied with the popularity of Malevich’s “Black Square” immediately lost all questions.

The very definition of NFT, i.e. the word “NFT” and its meaning, is an NFT. No, this is not a joke. Dictionary compiling company Merriam Webster wrote a definition for NFT and immediately sold it at auction for ~$40,000.

The source code of the internet is now also NFT. One of the founding fathers of the Internet, Tim Berners Lee, sold the lines of the web’s source code that allowed it to display an HTML document for $5.5 million. The source code was accompanied by a 30-minute presentation, a poster, and a digital letter from the author discussing how the Internet has changed the world. Poster – yes, you understood correctly, now the Internet in its infancy can be hung on the wall near the sofa.