It is human to try to lift the veil of mystery, even if it is almost impossible. There is still a debate about who the mysterious Bitcoin creator might be. And here are some assumptions. Let’s start with the least adequate.

  • Let’s start with not the most convincing assumption. Elon Musk! An ex-employee of his corporation SpaceX claims that Mask is Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the programmer, in 2017, he was talking to a representative of Elon Musk on the phone, and at the end of the conversation, either as a joke or seriously asked if Elon Musk could have been the creator of Bitcoin. The representative paused and mysteriously said, “What can I say”. The programmer confidently interpreted this phrase as one hundred percent indisputable proof of the businessman’s involvement in the creation of Bitcoin. Moreover, the fact that Elon himself claims to have nothing to do with the Bitcoin creator gives his former employee even more confidence. Well, the mystery is solved, thank you all, we can disperse. Greetings to Elon Nakamoto.
  • Craig Wright, a software engineer with a hazy past, has repeatedly claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto and sued in an attempt to declare Bitcoin whitepaper his intellectual property. As proof, he provided a cryptographic signature and a private key to the first coins generated, but all of them, according to researchers, proved to be fakes. Wright has already spent over $100 million on legal fees and benefits but has never proven anything. As we can see, this kind of behavior, coupled with high-profile statements, does not exactly match the privacy and anonymity of the real Satoshi, but this fact did not prevent Craig Wright from making clown statements and constantly suing. Of course, he has achieved nothing and is essentially considered a fraud.