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  • Cross-Chain Compatibility – What Is It?
    Ever since blockchain technology started attracting investments and proved to be an instrument for increasing capital, various types of research and development initiatives were launched to experiment with it. The result was the spawning of a large number of different blockchains with their own consensus algorithms, operating protocols, and applications. ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readMar 7
  • Crypto Acquiring Explained
    The application of cryptocurrencies and their adoption would have been impossible if they had no integrated means of being used as a means of payment. Unfortunately, the lack of widespread and systematic education on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies means that by far not all people have the knowledge about how ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readFeb 29
  • Hot Trends in Crypto for 2024
    There are quite a number of expectations from 2024 from crypto market participants, considering the fact that 2023 was more of a sluggish interim year between a crypto winter and a highly-anticipated bull run. The market of digital assets is evolving and, given the fact that it already exists, there ...
    #Ston Academy 7 min readFeb 22
  • The Influence of Web3 on Gaming
    Web3 is often mistaken for Web3.0, both of which, though interrelated, are actually different aspects of the development of the future iteration of the internet. Web3 is the blockchain-based foundation of the internet of the future, which will act as a decentralized infrastructure providing immutable retention of information, the control ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readFeb 8

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