Discussion of the hype game Notcoin has been high among users. At the beginning of March, the developers launched the Trade service, through which you can exchange Notcoin now. And yes, you don’t even have to wait for listing.

What is a voucher?

In essence, the introduction of vouchers is trading in test mode. There are 2 types of NFTs – for 10 and 100 million Notcoin. If you have 15 million Notcoins, you can purchase 1 voucher, and 5 million will remain in your account. It will take 5 days to receive 1 voucher – that is, 10 million can be accumulated during this time.

Notcoin cannot be sold, but a voucher can be sold now. This can be done through the GetGems platform. Today, 1 voucher is trading from 8.2 TON. But the course changes very quickly.

How to exchange Notcoin

In order to exchange Notcoin for TON, users need to resort to the internal marketplace in Telegram. To do this, you must follow the instructions:

  • Register a Wallet with a blue check mark in Telegram itself.
  • Open TON in your TON Space wallet.
  • Come up with a seed phrase, if you like risk, you can simply remember it. If you prefer not to risk your wallet, write down the phrase.
  • Buy TON through the internal P2P exchange, or top up your balance from a wallet on another platform.
  • Notcoin TG bot you now need to create an NFT voucher. This is easy to do through the “Trade” tab.
  • Then you need to select how many coins you want to convert.

Please note that you need to pay a commission for issuing the voucher.

Users note that the service periodically lags. If the application freezes when you try to exchange Notcoin for a voucher, you will need to go through all the steps again.

Well, if you do not want to bother with wallets, NFTs, and the activity itself in Telegram is not convenient for you, then you can resort to STON.fi. The crypto exchange has its own pre-market. And there, at a very attractive price, you can exchange TON to Notcoin. But keep in mind that you will receive wNOT, a token backed by Notcoin vouchers. If this is not a problem for you, then to complete the transaction you need to follow the instructions:

  • Go to STON.fi.
  • Connect your TON-wallet.
  • Swap TON or any other token to wNOT.
  • Wait for official Notcoin listing.

Once the trade service was up and running, users began actively selling vouchers, and even at quite acceptable prices. In the end, everything was very laggy, and due to the huge supply, the exchange rate fell.

What price should I place?

We have already answered the question of where to exchange Notcoin, now we just need to decide on the price. The easiest way is to see how much other users are selling vouchers for. And based on this, set your price. It also matters how urgently you want to get rid of your coins. If you need to sell quickly, then it makes sense to set the price slightly below the competitive one.

You can issue 1 voucher for 1000 TON. The only question is: will they buy it? Of course, when there are offers around at a better price, for example 8.2 TON, no one will buy 1 voucher for 1000 TON. In this regard, developers do not regulate the cost; everything is done based on user preferences.

Is it possible to exchange NOT for BTC?

It is impossible to directly exchange Notcoin for Bitcoin. But you can sell the coin using a voucher for TON, after which TON can be exchanged for BTC. But then you will have to first pay a commission for the vouchers, and then for exchanging them for Bitcoins. This is not a good idea, since you will lose about 30% on commissions, or even more.

Another thing is after the listing and appearance of NOT on large crypto exchanges. Then, without such serious losses, it will be possible to exchange Notcoins for Bitcoins.

Is it Right to Sell Notcoin at all?

Eever since release, users have worked, tapping tirelessly and without sparing their fingers. It would seem logical to reward them. That is what the developers did by coming up with vouchers. Token holders rushed to sell them. Someone managed to earn about 5,000 rubles. But, based on interviews with developers, on the fact that NOT is present in the premarket ByBit, you can be sure that the listing will take place. And due to the high capitalization of the project and the huge audience, it is quite likely that the coin will give us some Xs. Therefore, it is better to hold on to the coins.

Some Parting Words

Although the developers do not consider Notcoin meme coin, but still the crypto community refers to it as such. Thanks to this project, many users learned more about digital assets, opened wallets in TG (by the way, a smart marketing move from the developers), and became acquainted with the world of Wwb3. As a result, it is now possible to convert game coins into real money.

In addition, Notcoin operates on the TON blockchain, which, thanks to the game, received 30 million new users. Therefore, the prospects for both NOT and TON are very good.

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