Let’s talk about saving your crypto assets, shall we? All crypto operations are considered risky by default, and this sphere, like any other where big money is spinning, attracts scammers. At risk are novice crypto investors who may not fully understand how the market works. We have collected the main fraudulent tricks that are important to remember:

Spam in direct messages. Messages can be of any kind! Someone can ask to subscribe to his channel, and someone, more arrogant, can ask to send coins for staking through a bot. Be careful. A benevolent person will not start a conversation with strange offers. Do not react to such provocations and boldly report.

Fraudulent transactions to the wallet. You may be sent coins to a crypto wallet, and then asked to return them back. Or a fraud may compose a beautiful story how you won in some kind of competition. In no case should you transfer funds – a scammer contacted you, and the tokens that he transferred to you are worthless.

Fake signing of smart contracts. This was not noticed in TON, but forewarned means forearmed! A scammer can slip you a fake smart contract that will steal all your money. For example, users once saw this message when they went to the Etherscan, Dextools and Coingecko websites. Of course, after agreeing, funds were debited from the user’s wallet.

Frauds invent new ways of deception at an astonishing rate, but all their schemes work on the same principle: make a person believe in a fable, follow a link and open access to their data. If you remain vigilant and trust only official sources, then your funds will be safe.