If you want to keep and transfer Toncoins on the TON Blockchain, or issue and buy NFTs on TON, or perform other operations related to receiving and spending coins (including operations on STON.fi DEX), you will need a wallet compatible with the TON blockchain. Creating such a wallet couldn’t be easier:

Go to https://ton.org/wallets and check the catalog of custodial and non-custodial wallets.

Which TON wallet should you choose? The most common types of wallets are the smartphone app, desktop app, plug-in for Chrome browser, Telegram bot, and web wallet (which works via browser).

We prefer the plug-ins for Chrome and mobile apps, and we think they in particular are the best introduction to the TON world. The plug-ins make it convenient to work from a PC, transfer and receive Tons, and sign transactions, for example, when working with the NFT marketplace.

With the mobile applications, it is easier to transfer and receive Tons and other tokens (the TON blockchain calls them jettons). Many users find it convenient to work with the Telegram bot (@wallet). But you should be aware that it is a custodial wallet, which means that you don’t have a private key, and in fact you don’t own the funds in it – you can only manage them.

Note: to interact with STON.fi DEX you will need Tonkeeper, Tonhub or TON Wallet

Have you decided which wallet you need? It depends on your goals and the method of installation on your device (PC, smartphone, application, or plug-in for browser). Please follow the instructions strictly when installing the application. Most importantly, keep the seed phrase of 24 words in a safe place.

Congratulations! Now you have a wallet for work with the TON blockchain and STON.fi DEX. You are now able to receive and transfer coins. You can receive and transfer NFTs. You can even keep those NFTs in some of these wallets.