Since the beginning of the year, the excitement around the clicker game has not subsided in Telegram. The number of players has reached over 35 million. Everyone is waiting for listing. Initially, the developers announced the date as April 20. Most likely, they planned to time the Notcoin listing to coincide with another important event in the cryptocurrency world – the halving of Bitcoin. But the listing date was postponed. And all users froze in anticipation with questions, what will happen next? Should I buy Notcoin now? On which crypto exchanges will the token be listed and at what price? Let’s try to understand all these issues in the given material.

Why was the listing moved?

Historically after every halving, Bitcoin begins its growth phase, and it does so with other cryptocurrencies in tow. That is why the listing of Notcoin was timed to coincide with this event. According to the creators of Notcoin, the postponement of the listing date is necessary so that crypto exchanges can prepare for a serious influx of new users. After all, the community of NOT counts more than 35 million people. According to experts, the listing was postponed for about 10 days, and this time will be enough to eliminate any technical problems.

Where will Notcoin be listed?

It is not yet known where the listing will take place. But now you can trade wNot. The wNot is a token backed by Notcoin vouchers. On the exchange, there is a unique opportunity to buy or sell Notcoin through the PreMarket. This method is the simplest and most convenient. Just download the application and then exchange TON for wNot. And when the listing takes place, you will be able to exchange your tokens for NOT.

Where to buy Notcoin

It is not too late to buy Notcoin. The coin has not yet been listed, you can use premarkets on Notcoin PreMarket or GetGems. These sites give up vouchers and you can buy Notcoin without ID. The price for 10 million Notcoin is 10 TON. But it is worth considering that the exchange rate is very volatile and prices for vouchers can vary greatly. But the purchasing process through these services is extremely inconvenient, judge for yourself.

Step-by-step instruction

When looking for a cryptocurrency exchange without fee operation, look no further than P2P platforms. But until Notcoin is listed, you won’t be able to use such services. To buy Notcoin with the lowest fee:

  • The Wallet in Telegram, be sure to see a blue checkmark next to it. In the wallet itself, find TON Space Beta, accept the terms of use. Save your seed phrase.
  • Go through verification and buy TON through a P2P market.
  • Then you should go to the marketplace Notcoin PreMarket and select a voucher. It’s better to choose offers lower in the glass in order to complete the transaction before the bots do it.

In general, you can acquire Notcoins through services in Telegram. But the process is very difficult due to the constant influx of bots buying vouchers. And for every failed attempt, you will be charged a commission.

If you are thinking whether it is too late to buy Notcoin, that is not true at all. However, no one knows what the price will be after listing, not even the developers themselves. But judging by the number of users and the capitalization of the project, Notcoin has every chance of growth.

What are the prospects for Notcoin?

Should I buy Notcoin right now? The project has many opinions circulating around it. Some see great prospects for making money in it, while others do not take it seriously. But one thing can be said absolutely for sure – Notcoin is not a pyramid. Because users were not required to make any investment. The developers were seriously passionate about the project. But there is one caveat. For Notcoin to become truly successful, utility must be developed. That is, the use of the NOT token must be involved somewhere, such as in staking or use in other projects of the TON ecosystem. There are also points related to the ultimate goals of the system and the potential of the project as an investment.

But at the same time, the project is something new in the world of cryptocurrencies. And innovations in this area always arouse increased interest among people. And we can definitely say that all this affair with Notcoin will not end just like that. One reason is because the developers have invested heavily in this project. Potentially, Notcoin is the beginning of an interesting token that will take its place among meme coins.

Since the price for vouchers is not very high yet, you can take a risk and buy a couple through the exchange.

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