Anyone interested in cryptocurrency is part of the community – and without a community, no project can exist. Without interaction with you, dear readers, it is impossible to spread information about us, hear feedback, and develop further. Every crypto project creates a unique experience – and is no exception.

You have repeatedly asked a reasonable question: why not concentrate the entire community in one place, say, in Telegram, well, and use a couple of foreign platforms for news announcements.

And it would be quite a good option if our community were not so multinational and diverse. And different people are interested in communicating and receiving information in different ways.

Let’s talk about the difference in experience on various online platforms: why to sit in telegram chats, what interesting things you can find on Twitter, why you should join a discord channel if you haven’t already, and what you can talk about in our subreddit.

Telegram channels. We have two: English and Russian.

Telegram has become the general platform for many cryptocurrency communities. Channels in Telegram are like newsfeeds – each feed is separate from the others. This means you cannot simply scroll from top to bottom and read all the news – the user needs to go to the specific channel to which he is subscribed. This eliminates the information noise: you read what is currently essential. Channels are usually managed by the project team and are used to share news, updates, and announcements. Telegram channels are a great way to keep up to date with the latest developments in the project, but they are deprived of the possibility of personal contact. Help is here…

Telegram chats. The team runs two: English and Russian, but with the help of our valiant ambassadors, you can also communicate in Farsi, Indonesian and Vietnamese. And our Russian-speaking community also created an unofficial chat (there are no strict moderation and restrictions compared to the official ones, but it’s up to you to choose).

Telegram chats, unlike channels, are interactive. This is a place where community members can communicate with each other and the project team. chat rooms have become a great place where users get to know each other, ask questions, get answers and help promptly, and share thoughts and jokes. However, chats also have disadvantages. Communication here is in real-time, and the topic you raised can quickly change to a new one. The information there is momentary, so we publish important news or answers to frequently asked questions separately. But nothing can overshadow the importance of telegram chats, because you can use our custom stickers with a funny pink head in them.

Twitter. We conduct it in English.

Twitter allows you to post short messages of up to 280 characters that can be seen by anyone who follows their author. And also to everyone who is subscribed to those who liked, retweeted (in a simple way – repost), or left a comment.

As you can see, Twitter is the best platform to get attention and reach. But what can fit in 280 characters? Yes, not so much, but this is the main feature. The feed is not clogged with information noise, each tweet is well-composed and carries a concise, complete thought. However, there is also an opportunity to write longreads: threads are chains of tweets that comment on the main ones. For example, we wrote such a thread on March 8 and attracted readers to continue it.

Business projects use Twitter to publish short announcements and hold simple interactives, airdrops, and contests. Our subscribers will not miss a single piece of news and will receive them in a concise and accessible format. It is very comfortable!

Discord. Our channel is multilingual. The needful information is published in English, but to communicate in many other languages, thanks to our valiant ambassadors.

Discord was conceived as a messenger for gamers but became a platform for gamification. Do you want to get a special role of an active participant? Please. Do you like to earn points for messages, level up and win prizes (yes, just like in the game!)? There is nothing easier. Separate branches, distributed by subject, audio rooms for live discussions, and even games integrated directly into the platform in the spirit of a “Phone Stack”? Discord has it all.

In a way, discord is a vibrant mix of chats and forums, spiced up with game mechanics not available anywhere else. It’s really fun to chat, meet other members, and have a good time.

Reddit. We have our own English-speaking subreddit (that’s what groups/forms are called in Reddit).

But we cannot say that we alone are leading it. The content in the subreddit is created with the help of users: they are the ones who most often create posts with questions and discussions. Come create!

Reddit is a global forum with many sub-forums – subreddits, each has a specific theme and is meticulously moderated by its creators. Any registered user can subscribe to the subreddit and add their own topic – ask a question, share thoughts, or post a media file. Within each topic, you can comment on both the main post and any other people’s comments. A distinctive feature of Reddit is upvotes and downvotes: the reader can react to each message either with an up arrow (positive rating) or a down arrow (negative rating). This allows you not only to express personal opinion, but also to promote the most popular posts, and toss the unpopular ones to the end of the discussion.

This is all?

Not at all! We have a blog where we talk about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work and sometimes post funny articles with interesting facts. And also a page on LinkedIn and even a small but cozy TikTok.

Be with us where it is more convenient for you.

But we still recommend trying different platforms – millions of people around the globe have chosen them for good reason.

And yes, we publish unique content on every social network and guarantee a unique experience.