We continue to write about important events and phenomena in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. That is why today we will talk about pizza. This amazing and simple dish, which came either from Italy, or even from ancient Greece, has two holidays of its own: International Pizza Day and just Pizza Day. There is not much to say about the first one: February 9, festivals, treats, trips to restaurants. And the second day, May 22, is especially significant for all those interested in cryptocurrency.

In 2010, the bitcoin rate was low, and it was mined mostly for the sake of interest. No one knew how and what it could be spent on. And on the 22th of May, a programmer from the USA named Laszlo wrote on the forum that he wants to order 2 pizzas and pay for the transaction in cryptocurrency. A student from the same forum immediately responded to his request, ordered a treat to the desired address for $25, for which he received 10,000 BTC from Lazlo. This is how the first-ever crypto transaction for a specific product took place. With the current price of bitcoin, this story sounds quite ironic, and Lazlo laughs about it in his abandoned twitter account.