In the previous article, we explained what steps we have already taken to create the cross-chain feature. Now we are developing an internal database for operations storing. So why did we choose this approach instead of using blockchain?

Financial performance. Sending messages between traders and market makers will be off-chain according to the Request For Quote (RFQ) protocol, which means that no fees will be required from blockchain. The assets rate is constantly changing, and effective trading requires up-to-date transaction information.

Operating speed. Trading will occur between different blockchains, and they usually have different block time (in TON Blockchain, for example, a new block appears every 5 seconds). An internal database will allow instant messaging regardless of the computing power of both blockchains.

Security. The database will contain only messages with requests for exchange — this is how the RFQ protocol works. Assets will be moved exclusively within blockchains, which guarantees the complete safety of our users’ funds.

Security, transaction speed and cost-effectiveness of trade — these are our top priorities in developing our unique cross-chain functionality.

Stay tuned!