⚡️ Stonfiers! At The Gateway conference, we announced the Omniston protocol, which will solve the problem of liquidity shortage by combining TON liquidity within TON Space. It’s time to tell you more about the future protocol.

What is Omniston?

Omniston is a decentralized liquidity protocol that uses market makers instead of traditional liquidity providers. The RFQ mechanism will allow traders who have created a swap request to get the best price request among market makers’ offers — and then make a deal directly, without bridges or centralized services. Our smart contracts guarantee that only the transaction participants will have access to the funds.

What advantages will Omniston provide?

Maximum security. When using our protocol, there is no need for deposits to access trading, and funds will move through blockchain networks using smart contracts. The user will send assets to the smart contract directly at the time of the transaction, meaning no risks or doubts.

Real zero-trust exchanges. No need to trust a third party: access to the trader’s and market maker’s funds will be available only to the transaction participants.

Your control your own funds. Combining secure on-chain exchanges with off-chain orders will allow you to create an optimal token trading service with minimal fees. Each transaction participant will receive exactly as many tokens as stated in the order at the time of confirmation.

Absolute transparency. Transaction information is available on the blockchain. Thanks to the RFQ mechanism, the trader will know the exact volume of tokens given and received, and will forget about slippage forever.

Unified TON liquidity in one service. No more fragmentation of liquidity between platforms: users will have access to a multitude of unique projects, and projects will have access to millions of TON Space users.

Here’s what we’ve already achieved:

  1. We have integrated the Request for Quote (RFQ) mechanism into the messenger-protocol between the trader and the market maker.
  2. We have developed and tested HTLC (Hashed Timelock Contracts) and contracts for exchanges within the TON network. Now the transaction occurs strictly at the rate fixed when the trader and the market maker create the request. Both trading parties receive the volume of tokens they originally calculated.
  3. We have integrated the mechanism for collecting referral fees. Those who have integrated our protocol into their service will receive them.

What to expect from Omniston in the future?

More unique projects in Omniston. Omniston can be integrated into any product. Our SDK is open source and will remain open source forever.

Swaps between networks. Omniston is our first step towards implementing the cross-chain. We are already developing cross-chain exchanges that will not only simplify asset exchanges between networks, but also solve the problem of exchange routing in asynchronous blockchains.

Welcome to the future. Stay tuned.