As you are already aware, we are in the process of developing a unique cross-chain exchange functionality. It’s time to discuss the advantages that our new technology will bring to users:

  1. Simplicity and convenience. No registration, identity verification, or token deposits will be required to utilize the cross-chain feature on You will only need wallets on two networks. Don’t waste time and nerves!
  2. Security and no additional fees. When using bridges, users usually have to pay high fees and are at risk of hacker attacks. essentially eliminates the need for bridges and offers direct exchanges of native tokens without wrapped liquidity. Your finances remain entirely under your control!
  3. Full decentralization and zero-trust. You don’t need to trust us or the other party involved in your transaction. Everything operates exclusively on smart contracts that have been audited by the TON team. You will no longer have to deposit tokens on a centralized exchange or any other platform, and the associated risks will be minimized. Everything works seamlessly!
  4. Guaranteed rate and zero slippage. Prior to completing the transaction, you will agree to the exchange at a fixed rate. This rate will not change during the transaction under any circumstances. Users will always have the assurance of the exchange rate and will be safe from unexpected cost fluctuations. Save on unnecessary expenses!

We are diligently working to enhance the user experience and are optimistic that more and more individuals will explore DeFi through our quality and secure services ✨

Soon, we will provide you with more details about the development of our unique cross-chain functionality. Stay tuned.