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  • The Influence of Web3 on Gaming
    Web3 is often mistaken for Web3.0, both of which, though interrelated, are actually different aspects of the development of the future iteration of the internet. Web3 is the blockchain-based foundation of the internet of the future, which will act as a decentralized infrastructure providing immutable retention of information, the control ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readFeb 8
  • Uses of AI in Web3 and Web3.0
    The use of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is slowly spreading, with new applications being discovered for the technology, and some previous ones – discarded. And while some are questioning the real-life applications of AI, others are stressing the vital role it will play in the formation of the internet of ...
    #Ston Academy 6 min readDec 14
  • Web3 and Trading – The Merger
    Web3 is the next stage of the Internet, as described by most tech enthusiasts and experts alike. The decentralized version of the web is predicted to be much faster, more intuitive, reliable, transparent and user-oriented than its Web2 counterpart that we are all using today. Most importantly, Web3 is supposed ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readNov 30

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