Over the past few weeks, we have been working diligently on a number of improvements aimed at optimizing DEX performance by strengthening its internal structure. We are proud to announce that The Great Fix™ is complete, and you can now witness an improved version of DEX.

The Great Fix™ includes:

  1. Users now always see the correct token value in dollar equivalent. We have improved the complex algorithm on the backend, and it is now capable of accurately determining asset values even under high blockchain or DEX loads.
  2. From time to time, we restart DEX to add a new feature or perform technical maintenance. As part of The Great Fix™, we have improved the service update process — users will no longer experience inconvenience during reboots.
  3. Along with the number of users, the number of processed requests has also increased. We have reworked the algorithm that displays balances and significantly reduced the time it takes for users to receive complete information about their assets. No more delays during authorization!
  4. APY in liquidity pools is now calculated using an improved algorithm and is always displayed correctly.
  5. Retrieving data from the blockchain when providing liquidity is now much faster, which has accelerated the display of data in the interface. Providing liquidity to STON.fi DEX has become even more convenient!
  6. The logic for obtaining token metadata has also been reworked. Now all token icons are displayed correctly.
  7. We have improved the process of sending requests and receiving notifications about the status of operations from the blockchain. The client’s response time during any interaction and any operation is significantly reduced.
  8. Now STON.fi DEX uses its own nodes on TON Blockchain. This directly affects the performance and stability of the service during overloads.
  9. Cache algorithms have been optimized. Now DEX can process large volumes of data without compromising the performance.
  10. The algorithm for creating new pools has been changed. Now transactions for creating a new pool can be sent in one click, which increases the convenience of DEX for advanced users.

We responsibly declare: STON.fi DEX is ready for anything. Neither thousands of new users nor high blockchain loads are scary from now on. But that’s not all! We continue to work hard on new DEX features and get closer to perfection every day.

Stay tuned.