In the cryptocurrency market, airdrop is the free distribution of tokens by a blockchain platform. This is how platform owners attract new users and increase interest in trading. Like any other marketing move, an airdrop involves the user in the project. In order to receive tokens, you need to create a wallet, subscribe to newsletters, pass verification, and so on.

Types of airdrops:

Standard. Join and the tokens are yours. Sometimes they will ask you to repost.

Exclusive. The exchange can reward its most active investors. For example, Uniswap once gifted $1,200 worth of tokens to its regular users for no reason. Yes, it happens.

Airdrop during network hardfork. If a coin or cryptocurrency forks as the network scales, a new coin is created and the holders of the old assets are provided with new ones in full equivalent.

But remember that under the guise of any free giveaway, a scammer may be hiding. We will tell you how to spot a fake airdrop and not fall into the trap in the next article.