The Cross-chain Decentralized Exchange allows participants to use one platform to exchange tokens issued on different blockchains via the DeFi system, i.e. without third parties that could potentially change the transaction course and asset price.

Hashbon Rocket or, say, O3Swap, are considered to be the first DeFi applications that used CDEX opportunities. Transactions on the CDEX are made with the involvement of oracles and arbitrageurs; the former provide the platform with confirmed data collected off-chain, and the latter are holders of a considerable number of tokens of this particular platform. Together, they guarantee the security and transparency of the transaction.

CDEXes are aggregators of various digital assets. In order to work efficiently, they need to generate liquidity pools of assets distributed on different blockchains. Namely, it is the number and diversity of liquidity pools that attract the participants and liquidity providers to the CDEX.