Let us take a closer look at the popular Notcoin meme coin. Today, this gaming asset may become the most widespread meme token in the world. And this is no exaggeration. Even despite the fact that today Notcoin has not been listed on any exchange, and the cost is the wasted time of users. Unless, of course, you exchange coins for vouchers for subsequent sale. If the token is officially listed, then it has every chance of competing with Bitcoin as the most common coin in user wallets. Since there is also TON, which has a huge user base, the popular Telegram wallet, and a gaming community, Notcoin will be able to overtake Bitcoin in these parameters. At the same time, the coin will be the most decentralized of all existing meme coins.

How exchange Notcoin profitably

As of March 20, 10 million Notcoin was equivalent to $31.5. And on March 19, the exchange rate was $28.5. This is despite the fact that the first phase of mining has not even ended yet. On April 1, mining will not be available, and there is a possibility that after this date the exchange rate for vouchers will increase even more. Interestingly, the developers themselves do not consider Notcoin a meme token, but refers to it as a community. In fact, the coin is really tied to the community, because new digital assets are released only if players are active. And the token does not have an initial issue.

How to exchange Notcoin right now

This can be done through the wallet and marketplace built into Telegram. First, you need to deposit 2-3 TON to your wallet to pay the commission. You can then put the voucher up for sale using the marketplace. You determine the price yourself. 1 voucher is a minimum of 10 million Notcoin. Your voucher will be purchased for TON and only then you can transfer this digital asset to any other. At the same time, to change Notcoin a low commission is charged – only 0.06 TON. How profitable such an exchange is at the moment is unknown. There is an assumption, based on an interview with one of the developers, that those users who did not convert their existing coins into vouchers will be able to receive more in the future. Sergey Chikirev said that there will be a multiplier from farmed tokens ​That is, everything depends on the number of coins on the bot screen, and not on vouchers.

What happens after listing?

So far, even the developers cannot answer this question with accuracy. But according to Sergei Chikirev, there are already people who have the opportunity to buy a huge number of coins. Thereby ensuring liquidity.

As for the game itself, it will stay online. But significant changes will be made, for example, management will be transferred to a group of people. The criteria that will be used to make the choice have not been disclosed.

If you still decide to sell Notcoin

There not Notcoin exchange platform, but there is a wallet and marketplace – wallet and getgems. All operations for the sale, exchange and purchase of Notcoin are carried out through the internal marketplace. 

To sell Notcoin:

  • You need to create a wallet to store the coins.
  • The wallet balance must have at least 1-2 TON. This is necessary to pay the gas commission.
  • In the Notcoin bot, go to the Trade section.
  • Select the amount of Notcoins and convert them into vouchers.
  • Connect a TON wallet and pay the blockchain commission.
  • Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for the voucher to appear in your wallet.
  • Next, you need to connect your wallet to Getgems and open the collection.
  • To sell a voucher you need to go to “My NFT” and follow the prompts.

To decide on the price and exchange Notcoin for TON, you need to monitor the market sentiment and look at the prices of other users’ vouchers. The price of vouchers periodically declines. We would not recommend selling off your Notcoin right now.

Exchange to Bitcoin

In order to exchange Notcoin for Bitcoin, you need to sell vouchers for TON and only then make an exchange for BTC. But will there be any benefit from this? After all, a commission is charged for each transaction. Therefore, it is better to wait for the official listing and change NOT to BTC on large exchanges. Then you will not have to pay double commissions.

Bottom Line

In short, we can say that Notcoin is a promising coin, which is not worth selling right now. Moreover, on April 1, the first phase of mining ends. All that cannot but affect the exchange rate of vouchers for TON. If you are still interested in where to exchange Notcoin, then choose a verified marketplace, which today is the only venue for performing such operations.

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