In our development, we follow the rule of “perfecting familiar necessary mechanics.” Farming, which has recently become available and has already attracted a lot of attention to our project, is no exception. In this text, we will tell you what makes farming on unique and why it may somewhat determine the future of TON and perhaps even the entire DeFi space.

For those who are new to the concept of farming: farming is the process of earning additional passive income by providing funds to a liquidity pool and locking assets thereafter.

But what is the innovation and advantage of farming specifically on

  • We were the first to implement farming on the TON blockchain. We were the first to do farming on the TON blockchain. It’s us who make TON users farm the right way.
  • is the only platform that provides TON farming based on smart contracts. This means that all processes are fully transparent, and service users can study all the operations happening on the network. The term “zero trust” is fully realized: you don’t need to “trust” your funds to anyone and worry about something happening to them.
  • ensures real-time reward accrual, rather than separate intervals with subsequent reward distribution. You can literally see the growth of your funds in real-time; the information is updated every few seconds. This feature allows you to track reward distribution according to market dynamics and make forecasts about possible movements and applicable strategies. And it’s aesthetically pleasing to watch your income grow.

And now, the numbers we could boast about immediately after the launch:

  • Thousands of TONs are distributed among farming users every day. Only in the first 6 hours after the launch of farming, our users have earned more than 1000 TON – and this is just the beginning. It’s never too late to join!
  • The trading volume in the first seven days reached 600 000 TON.
  • Liquidity providers earned around 1200+ TON in our pools during the first week.

Welcome to We make working with crypto convenient. But as always, DYOR.