Here’s our third and, hopefully, not final text about the most unusual ways to apply blockchain technology. Here, by the way, you can read the first and the second part.

Why not uniting people with the help of blockchain? The idea of online dating and Internet communication is being developed by the Matchpool blockchain project. On their official website, they claim that a decentralized system will allow you to find the right people, post and apply for jobs, support interest groups – all in a completely secure format. Each user is able to open their own “matchmaking network” and interact with other links in the chain, so we can say that the potential of this service is huge.

What if you call people assholes with soulbound tokens? There really is such a way. If under any circumstances you want to send a person to hell or declare him an asshole, use the Asshole SBT project. As we know, the soulbound token is forever tied to the recipient’s wallet, it can neither be sold nor exchanged. So, anyone can create their own token, which will contain the most important information (something like “you are an asshole”), and send it to their friend’s wallet. As you can see, blockchain is taking cyberbullying to the next level!