You have assets on one blockchain, and you want to transfer them to another blockchain. Blockchains are not connected, so tokens cannot be exchanged directly. CEXes, crypto exchanges, and bridges are normally used to solve this problem.

However, none of the methods above is ideal for everyone. The verification procedure and difficulties of sending and withdrawing assets on a CEX take too much time, and it is far from safe to keep your personal data and funds with a third party. Crypto exchanges can be useful because of their varied requirements, but finding the right service that can be trusted and that works with the blockchains you need will take a lot of time. Don’t forget about high fees. Bridges, though they may be decentralized, are not that convenient and, more importantly, a highly vulnerable part of DeFi. The large amounts of liquidity they possess are often targeted by hacker attacks.

So what to choose? How and where to find the right service? How to check the service reliability (we trust it with our money!)? How to perform a simple swap effectively without wasting time and nerves? How to protect ourselves from a banal error (for example, accidentally choosing the wrong token or sending assets to the wrong network, losing them irretrievably)?

We have come up with a unique and elegant cross-chain solution that will make you forget about bridges, CEX and crypto exchange swaps ✨ The cross-chain will allow you to move tokens between networks directly, quickly, and securely. You will no longer need to spend time and nerves searching for less inconvenient services, and your finances will be solely under your control.

In the following #STONchronicles posts, we will give you the details of the implementation of the cross-chain technology. Stay tuned.