Almost nothing. The creator of bitcoin (or a group of individuals, as some believe) went to great lengths to remain anonymous. Here we could end this article.

But several interesting facts still lie on the surface, and these facts once again confirm the mystery of this figure.

  • On the P2P Foundation website, Satoshi indicated his date and place of birth: April 5, 1975, Japan. Given the secrecy of this person, it is safe to say that this information is not true. Moreover, some publicists spotted an Easter egg on this date. On this date, in 1933, American President Franklin Roosevelt signed a decree on the confiscation of gold from citizens and organizations and the prohibition of its accumulation in the form of bars and coins. The purpose of this decree was an attempt to contain the outflow of precious metals abroad and fix the price of gold. Many years later, in 1975, the right to own gold for investment purposes was returned. Could the mysterious creator of bitcoin, by the indicated date of birth, emphasize that he is engaged in the return of independence to the people from government decisions?
  • There is an opinion that Satoshi is not Japanese. First, he always wrote in English at the native level. So what, an inquisitive reader will say, an educated person can learn a foreign language and use it competently. But, more conclusively, the bitcoin software has never been translated into Japanese, and all the documentation has not been localized either.
  • Satoshi currently accounts for about 5% of all bitcoins in existence, making him one of the richest people in the world. However, these assets continue to lie in his wallet. Since December 2010, he stopped posting, sending messages, and making transactions. Some believe that he died.