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  • #STONchronicles. OMNISTON: TON Liquidity in One Service
    ⚡️ Stonfiers! At The Gateway conference, we announced the Omniston protocol, which will solve the problem of liquidity shortage by combining TON liquidity within TON Space. It’s time to tell you more about the future protocol. What is Omniston? Omniston is a decentralized liquidity protocol that uses market makers instead ...
    #STONchronicles 2 min readDec 8
  • Of our socials and communities
    Anyone interested in cryptocurrency is part of the community – and without a community, no project can exist. Without interaction with you, dear readers, it is impossible to spread information about us, hear feedback, and develop further. Every crypto project creates a unique experience – and STON.fi is no exception. ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readJun 25

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