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  • Crypto Portfolio Rebalancing – The Key to a Lasting Market Stay
    The cryptocurrency market is in perpetual motion, meaning that no single asset can expect to retain its original value for too long. Such volatility places the portfolios and, therefore the potential profits of investors, at risk. In order to avoid such loss of value arising from price dynamics, investors resort ...
    #Ston Academy 4 min readMay 26
  • Margin Trading. А Closer Look
    Trading on the open market, especially the traditional stock market, is a very demanding occupation, especially when it comes to the capital required for making entry into the trade and deriving profits. Many traders do not have the necessary capital, or do not wish to risk their savings, when trading ...
    #Ston Academy 4 min readMay 18
  • Impermanent Losses on DEX Platforms – The How And Why
    Decentralized asset trading, or liquidity pooling in decentralized finance services, is inextricably connected with the risk of losing funds due to the inherent price volatility of cryptocurrencies. One of the most common reasons for the deterioration of profits and portfolios on decentralized trading platforms is the risk of impermanent loss. ...
    #Ston Academy 3 min readMay 12
  • Scary beasts FOMO and FUD
    Today we will talk about the fears that every newcomer faces when diving into the world of cryptocurrency. These fears even have names, with abbreviations. The first is called FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, and the second is FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. These fears live side by ...
    #Ston Academy 2 min readMar 2

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