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  • The Great Fix™ is complete.
    Over the past few weeks, we have been working diligently on a number of improvements aimed at optimizing DEX performance by strengthening its internal structure. We are proud to announce that The Great Fix™ is complete, and you can now witness an improved version of DEX. The Great Fix™ includes: ...
    #STONchronicles 2 min readFeb 1
  • Multipools and How They Work
    Mining forms the backbone of the entire blockchain framework, allowing transactions to be processed and hashed in the decentralized ledger. As a rule, the transactions are processed by miners, or node operators, who have a vested economic interest in supporting the operability of the network. The miners receive rewards for ...
    #Ston Academy 3 min readJan 25
  • All You Need to Know About Price Impact on Decentralized Exchanges
    The phenomenon known as price impact is a constant pain for traders who are familiar with high-frequency trading or have ever traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. When the effects of a price impact take place, traders are at a loss, bringing about frustration and financial setback. What Is Price Impact? The ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readJan 18
  • The Perils of AI-Assisted Trading
    The advent of artificial intelligence heralded a new era in both data processing and the utter diminishment of human critical thinking and information analysis. The ability of AI to process vast amounts of information makes it an ideal instrument for the identification of possibly beneficial grains of data that can ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readDec 28

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