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  • Rug Pull Tactics – A Common Practice of Fraud in Crypto Space
    Cryptocurrency space is well known for its mass of fraudulent activity. The malignant players of cryptocurrency space resort to a great number of fraudulent schemes to trick users into giving their money away. One of the most common types of fraud that cryptocurrency space is known for is called the ...
    #Ston Academy 3 min readJul 27
  • A new perspective on farming from STON.fi
    In our development, we follow the rule of “perfecting familiar necessary mechanics.” Farming, which has recently become available and has already attracted a lot of attention to our project, is no exception. In this text, we will tell you what makes farming on STON.fi unique and why it may somewhat ...
    #Ston Academy 2 min readJun 10
  • Impermanent Losses on DEX Platforms – The How And Why
    Decentralized asset trading, or liquidity pooling in decentralized finance services, is inextricably connected with the risk of losing funds due to the inherent price volatility of cryptocurrencies. One of the most common reasons for the deterioration of profits and portfolios on decentralized trading platforms is the risk of impermanent loss. ...
    #Ston Academy 3 min readMay 12
  • Annual Percentage Yields – The How and Why on DEXs
    Crypto space is determined by profitability, making select projects attractive from a financial point of view. One of the most important indicators determining the profitability of a project or liquidity pool is the APY – Annual Percentage Yield. What Is APY? The APY is a formula that calculates the rate ...
    #Ston Academy 3 min readMay 4

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