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  • Cross-Chain Compatibility – What Is It?
    Ever since blockchain technology started attracting investments and proved to be an instrument for increasing capital, various types of research and development initiatives were launched to experiment with it. The result was the spawning of a large number of different blockchains with their own consensus algorithms, operating protocols, and applications. ...
    #Ston Academy 5 min readMar 7
  • #STONchronicles. OMNISTON: TON Liquidity in One Service
    ⚡️ Stonfiers! At The Gateway conference, we announced the Omniston protocol, which will solve the problem of liquidity shortage by combining TON liquidity within TON Space. It’s time to tell you more about the future protocol. What is Omniston? Omniston is a decentralized liquidity protocol that uses market makers instead ...
    #STONchronicles 2 min readDec 8
  • #STONchronicles: How We Integrate the Database into the Cross-chain DEX
    In the previous article, we explained what steps we have already taken to create the cross-chain feature. Now we are developing an internal database for operations storing. So why did we choose this approach instead of using blockchain? Financial performance. Sending messages between traders and market makers will be off-chain ...
    #STONchronicles 1 min readOct 13
  • #STONchronicles. Cross-chain: What We Have Achieved
    In previous posts, we explained why cross-chain exchanges are necessary and why our cross-chain functionality will be especially convenient for users. Today, we will discuss what we’ve accomplished. The top priority in cross-chain technology is ensuring reliability and security for users and their assets. To ensure this, it was imperative ...
    #STONchronicles 2 min readOct 2

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